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Make Senua's Blade from Hellblade - Part 4: Painting it

In this part of the tutorial we paint the sword.



Normally I will paint the blade of the sword with silver paint. It works well. To get a shinier sword I will use speedball paint. That's better. But for this tutorial I am going to go even better! I will use a product called Rub' n buff. It is a rub on metallic finish. And it looks great. It will give the sword a nice metallic look. You can of course paint your sword with silver paint!

Rub n buff


Apply a dab of rub' n buff to the blade of the sword.

Apply rub n buff


then rub it on with a rag. Note that it doesn't wash off with soap and water. So if you get it on your hands you are going to need some kind of a solvent like paint thinner to get it off your hands and fingers.

rub it in


Continue applying


Finish the rub'n buff work by doing the Habaki, the tsuba wrap and the pommel/pommel wrap.

Also do the other parts

Next let's do the handle. In the video game the sword handle is made of bone. So let's use three colors to simulate bone. Note that we also do this technique for all of the tsuba except for the silver tsuba wrap.

White, Brown and Yellow

Do all of this work wet. Do not allow anything to dry before moving on to the next color.

Paint the handle/tsuba white

Paint white


Then dab on yellow. Make it random. Some of the yellow is thin and some is thick. And notice how I added a few drops of yellow to the white but didn't mix them. This furthers the randomness of the paint.

Add yellow


Then finish it by doing the same thing with brown.

Add brown


nextOk, Let's finish the sword by adding some jewels and doing some detail work.


Wonder Woman Sword




Make Wonder Woman's Sword (Godkiller)

One sheet of foam board and I give you the template. Nice sword that comes out great and is pretty strong. Make the Wonder Woman Sword