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Make Soul Edge from Soul Calibur - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword by painting it and doing the biological added stuff. (Blood and guts)

Part 1 of this tutorial along with a video is here



Paint it silver

Paint black around the eyball. This will accentuate it. Then paint the whole sword silver.


Add details

Now use some great stuff to make the biological effects on the sword. (The Blood and Guts).


Paint it brown

Let's paint it. Start with a light and incomplete coat of brown spray paint.


Add red

Then add some reds. We used several different shades of red.


Detail painting

Then a little bit of detail work with blacks and browns.


Seal it

And to make it shine like it looks wet we used a crystal clear enamel sealant. When it dries it will still look wet.


more paint

Yuck! It looks disgusting. Perfect!


And That's it! Soul Edge is complete. Push and pull on that wire to make the eyeball move.

Soul edge


Deadpool's Katanas and the Holster Make Deadpool's Katanas and the Holster

You can have swords, and wear them, just like Deadpool does. And for fun I also give you the template so you can make a miniature set like I made for the dragonslayer. Make Deadpool's Katana and holster




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