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Make the BioShock Skyhook Part 2


This is part 2 of the tutorial. In this part we glue it all together and add the motorized part to it.

You can go to part 1 of this tutorial here



Hot glue the layers

Next I hot glued the various layers together.


The layers

This picture gives you a good look at the layers. There are Ten layers in total if you count the big gear as a layer.

Gluing on a layer

This picture just shows me hot gluing on a layer. You can glean a bit of information from this. the back handle part has these two layers added on both sides to beef it out.


The rotator is on the handle

Now that rotator is put onto the handle. It is not glue to the handle part. It is only glued to the little rotator shaft. This way it rotates freely.


The motor

Here is a look at the little motor. You can see it there on the left. The rotating blades are on the right. There is a shaft that comes out of the motor and goes through the sheets and then is glued to the rotating part.


The motor

Here is another look at it


Installing the motor


This picture shows the motor being installed.



You can go to part 1 of this tutorial here                                             Continue here Next




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