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Make the Burial Blade from Bloodborne - Part 2


We have made the various foam board parts now lets' put the burial blade together!

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Put pieces together

Put together the two pieces that make up the blade and while holding them together put an x on each one.


Bevel the edges

Now bevel the whole inner curve of both those blades. Only bevel one surface, the one with the X on it.

This way when you glue them together those bevels form a cutting edge.


Closeup of the bevel

Here is a closeup of the bevel.


Glue blades together

Now glue those two blades together.


Clean up the edges

Once the glue has set good enough you should clean up the edges. Trim things to match well and use some sand paper to clean and smooth the edges.


Glue the seams


Now let's seal and strengthen all those cut and those beveled edges. Spread white glue on the edge, a section at a time, and rub it into the foam and the edges with your finger. Do this all the way around the blade. We will also do this on all the other parts of the burial blade after we make them.

NextOk, we have made the blade. Now lets make the long skinny arm pieces.



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