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Make the Burial Blade from Bloodborne part 6


In this part of the tutorial we finish the assembly of the burial blade and paint it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here




Now insert the blade into the part B arm you have been working on. And mark a spot where you can pierce a hole through both pieces.


Pierce it!

You can put the single 1 1/4 inch pin in there just to fit it. But don't glue that pin in place. It is meant to be put in and taken out as you need to remove and install the blade.



Now you can dry brush the whole thing silver.

Dry brushing is where you put paint on your brush then dab most of it off on a scrap . Then you lightly brush on the burial blade. What this does is just put small amounts of paint on the item. Most of the black still shows.



But when painting the cutting edge you should paint that full strength. This gives it a nice cutting look!

Once the paint dries you can finish it with a coat of mod podge which is optional.

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