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Make the Club of Hercules - Continued


In this part of the tutorial we put together the basic frame work of the club.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Draw a line down the middle of each of those club pieces and then cut through the top layer of paper right on those lines. We don't want to cut all the way through. Just the top layer of paper, approximately. This is so we can bend these.




Fold over those two pieces like this.


Fold them and then glue them to the shaft opposite each other.


The foamboard pieces glued to the tube


This is what it looks like once it is glued.

Notice: See how the foamboard pieces extend past the end of the tube? That is important. Do this with yours. It makes the club bigger than the 36 inches


Trim the club as needed

At this point, once it is dry and set you can take a look at your clubs and trim them down if you want. Mine were a little thicker than I liked so I marked then cut them.


Cut out a tooth

Now draw out four teeth shapes like this on your foam board and cut them out. These teeth are about eight inches long.


Glue a tooth into place

Now glue those four teeth right to your center dowel or tube like this.


The teeth

This is what it ends up looking like. Notice how the teeth on each side are not parallel with each other. They lean away from each other.


The pommel

Now make a pommel for the bottom end of the club.

Here is the bulb shaped pommel made from foam board and it has a half moon shape glued to the top of it. Glue another half moon to the bottom of it. Then you can insert and glue it into the tube. If you used a wooden dowel then cut the pommel shorter and glue it onto the end of it.

NextOkay, Let's continue with the tutorial and flesh out this club



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