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Make the Dark Souls Zweihander - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we start the actual build of the sword by assembling together the blade, the ricasso and the parrying hooks.

Part 1 ( the beginning) of this tutorial is here



Let's start by making the blade and the ricasso.

The Zweihander



I am using a 48 inch long piece of poplar which is 1/4 inch thick and 3 1/2 inches wide for the blade. We go with the poplar because it is light.

But it is not mandatory to use poplar.








For the second piece (the ricasso) we are using oak because it is very strong. This will make the sword strong and easy to handle the weight of the blade.









The Ricasso


Here are the two pieces we cut.

Diagram of the pieces to cut


Next lets make the parrying hooks. These will glue together the blade and ricasso.

The parrying hooks


Use the template for the parrying hooks

In the template is the diamond shape for the parrying hooks. Cut that shape out. In the picture here you can see it is black. That is just so you can see it. Use that template to draw out and cut two pieces of wood from oak.






Cut the tips

Next cut off the tips of that template. And use those as templates to make wooden parts.







Glue together the parts

Now lets glue it all together. Place one of the diamond pieces down and apply a liberal amount of glue to it. Then press down the blade piece and the ricasso piece like this. They are butted right up against each other and glued down.

Use a wood glue for this.







Glue down the triangles

Next glue down the two triangular pieces.










Glue on the diamond

Then glue down the other diamond shaped piece.










Clamp it

Clamp it down and let it sit overnight for a full and very strong bond. If you don't have a clamp use some kind of heavy object or a stack of books.


NextLet's continue







The art fo the two handed swordThe Art of the Two-handed sword -

The Art of the Two-Handed Sword translates one of the last surviving works on the use of the two-handed sword, also called the great sword, a Renaissance descendant of the medieval knightly weapon that was equally at home on the battlefield, at tournaments, in the fencing academy, or on the street.




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