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Make the Dark Souls Zweihande - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we finish the making of the sword by adding some of the smaller details like the pommel, the guard ornament and the handle pieces.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Let's start this part by making the pommel.

The pommel


The template for the pommel

In the download package there are two templates for the pommel. Cut them out.










The two pommel pieces

Trace them onto wood and cut them out. They are designed to assemble together.






Slide the pieces together

Slide those two pieces together and glue them.









Attach the pommel

Next we glue that pommel to the end of the handle. But to make it strong we should pin it. Drill a hole in the end of the pommel and in the end of the handle then insert a wooden dowel. Now Glue them together.








The pommel is installed

Ok. The pommel looks good.









Now let's add the blade supports .

The blade support


Glue on the support

Cut your pieces of balsa wood so they are slightly tapered. They are about 2 inches at one end and one inch at the other end. Then apply glue and adhere to the sword like this.





Now cut your 3/4 inch dowel so you have two one inch long pieces. We glue one to each end of the guard like this. We also drill and apply a toothpick as a pin so it stays nice and strong.


The guard tip The guard tip


Now let's do the handle.

Wrap the handle

I first wrapped it with batting. Batting is a soft material used in fabrics, pillows and stuff like that. It is kind of like a foam. You don't have to use batting. You can use some other type of material including cloth. And this step is optional but it does look good.




Wrap the handle in vinyl

Then I wrapped the handle with a red/brown vinyl.





Wrap the handle with detail

And cut some network cable to wrap around the handle.






Add a foam ornament

Then I cut out of foam an ornament for the center of the handle.


NextLets finish it off by painting it!







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