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Make the Dawnguard Rune Shield Part 3 - Painting


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the shield by painting it.

Part 1 of the tutorial and the video is right here.


Black and brown

Ok, paint the whole shield black. And, once it dries you can paint the inner four quadrants and the inner triangles of the sunflames a brownish color. But, dry brush it. We want a little of the black to show through in those quadrants.

About the curling of the shield with painting.

The shield is going to curl up a bit when you paint it, and as it dries. A light coat of paint will alleviate some of this curling. But, you can also balance out this curling by painting the back side of the shield. Judge that as needed.


Dab on silver

Now let's do the silver painting. Silver is the color of choice here but if you don't have silver you can use a light gray color. Dabble silver paint on all the rest of the shield. Everything that is not brown painted. This is kind of like dry brushing.

You do this by getting the brush wet with the paint then dabbing most of it off on a rag. Then you vigorously dabble the brush onto the shield in random patterns. You don't want a perfect coating of silver. You want some of the black to show through.


silver is done

Wow, that silver dabbling looks great. Don't forget to do the diamonds too. And you can see we did a little bit of very light dabbling in the brown quadrants and flames too. But do that very very lightly. Ok the painting is done. Let's add the handle and finish this shield.


Measure for handles

Ok, let's make the handles of the shield. There will be two handles. One right at the palm of your hand and the other at the upper part of your forearm.


The handles

This is how to make the handles. It is pretty straight forward. Each handle is a piece of rope, a couple of pieces of duct tape and the hot glue rivets.

Make sure you have plenty of excess rope in there so you arm comfortably fits.

For extra strength you can hot glue that rope down before you add the duct tape.


paint the back

You can also paint the back of the shield with the same silver dabbing technique if you really want your whole shield to be authentic looking.

Seal it

If you want to preserve your shield and keep the colors nice and bright you can spray seal it with some kind of a sealant.


Will with the shield

Have fun!



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