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How to make the Dawnguard Rune Shield from Skyrim - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we continue making the shield.

Part 1 of the tutorial and the video is right here.


Cut and trace the center piece

Cut out that sun pattern and lay it right down in the center of the circle shield you cut out. Trace it onto the shield just so you know where it will be glued, and so you can do the painting pattern easily.

Don't forget to also trace those eight little triangular sections too.

Now we are going to imprint two circles on the circle part of the shield. These will just be strong imprints, not actual cuts.


Draw more circles

Ok, break out the pin, string and pencil and draw two more circles on your shield. One circles is an inch from the edge and the other circle is three inches from the end. These are paint and pattern guidelines.

Go over these circles with a ball point pen. These are, just like the previous time, strong indent lines that make a nice pattern on the shield.


Draw detail lines

Now let's add the ornamentation to the shield. Look at the picture on the front of the template. First off is the series of lines between our two new circles. Indent them strongly with a ball point pen.


optionally cut them

This is optional but if you want the ornamentation to be really sharp and deep you can cut that series of slits out with an xacto knife.


the next ornamental lines

Now we do the rest of hthe ornamentation on the shield. It is all these curved shapes pointed out with the pencil. This picture also gives you a nice look at the lines we had made in the previous step.


draw the final ornaments

This picture shows the ornamentation being drawn. Indent these nice and strong with a ball point pen once you have them drawn.


The center pattern

Don't forget to draw the center pattern right in the middle of the shield.


Glue it down

Ok, once all the pattern work is drawn and deepened you can go ahead and glue that sun pattern down to the shield.


add the glue gun rivets

Ok, cut out the four diamond shapes and glue them into the quadrants of the shield . Then grab the glue gun and start adding the rivets to the shield. Lots of em! The rivets are simply globs of glue from the glue gun.

We are using black glue gun sticks. That is not necessary. You can use the regular glue gun sticks.

NextOkay, finish off the shield with a wonderful paint job! I will show you how



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