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Make the DragonAge Inquisition Helmet - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we continue making the helmet.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Trace the template

The template has a slot on it as you see here. Be sure to mark that slot on the cereal box cardboard and cut it.


Overlap it

This way when we glue it onto the helmet we can overlap those flaps and it will sit nice and flush.


The cheek plate

Now let's make the cheek plates for the helmet. You have a sheet in the template that looks like this. Cut it out and trace it onto cereal box cardboard and make two of them. One for each cheek.


Run on edge of a table

Curve those cheek plates by running them along the edge of a table like this.


Curve them

Curve them like this and try putting them in the helmet to see how they fit and look.


Reinforce the inner sides

Reinforce the inner sides of those pieces and then mount them into the helmet. You can mount with a piece of tape then try it on and adjust them as needed.


Like this

It should look a lot like this.


The backplate

In the template is the backplate. Cut that out, trace it onto cereal box cardboard like this.


Glue into helmet

And glue it into the helmet like this. You can try it first, trim it if needed then glue it in.


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