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Make the DragonAge Inquisition Helmet - Part 6


In this part of the tutorial we continue working on the helmet.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Use the hot glue gun to draw details of the dragon. Start with the nostrils then the eyes and put a nice rugged dragon skin on the face.


Then do the horns by putting a nice thick line right down the center length of them and adding all the side lines like this.


Now paint the whole helmet black. If you have mod podge mix it 50/50 with the black paint. This will thicken it and make it richer coating.




Now add some hot glue rivets to the sides of the helmet.

Note that in this picture the backplate behind the neck isn't painted black yet.

We saved this for last and for strength. Once the rest of the helmet is dry we can go ahead and paint this backplate. This way we can then sit the helmet on a table upside down and allow the backplate to dry. If we were to stand the helmet on it while it is wet it might buckle or fold because of the wetness.


Now finish it off by spray painting it if you have spray paint. A little brown, then a lot of silver and finally a little black. And that's it! Your helmet is done!!!



The dragon age inquisition helmet


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