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Make the Dragonbone Dagger from Skyrim - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the dagger by painting the metal parts.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Mix black and grey paint

Now let's paint the rest of the dagger. Mix black paint with some grey paint. This is because we don't want the dagger to look deep black. Adding grey to it makes it more of a metallic black.


Paint the handle the black grey mixture

Now paint everything but the bone you black/grey mix.


Dry brushing


Once that grey/black paint has dried we are going to do something called "Dry brushing" on all the metallic edges.

This picture shows some of the edges dry brushed.

How to dry brush the edges:

Get silver paint on your paint brush. Use a stiff bristle brush if you have one.

Wipe the paint brush to remove the excess silver paint.

Then dab the paint brush on a piece of scrap paper to remove more of the silver paint.

Now your brush is pretty dry. It has only a little silver paint on it.

Go ahead and lightl brush on the sharp edges of the dagger.


The dry brushing looks good

The dry brushing is just about done in this picture. It looks great. That silver really adds something to the metal. Makes it look a bit worn on the edges and brings the black/grey to life.


Add details

Now add the silver pins. Look at the picture below of the completed dagger to see where the pins go.


Add the ornament

Now finish it off by adding the ornametal work right in that center piece.


Seal it and you are done!
If you have some kind of sealant whether it be spray on or brush on go right ahead and do it!


DragonBone Dagger




Waterfall in a diorama

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