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Make the Dragonbone sword - Part 3 (painting the bone blade)


The blade of this sword is dragon bone! So, we have to paint it to look like bone!


Part 1 of this tutorial is here



I show you two different methods for painting the dragon bone blade. The first technique is with standard acrylic paints. You need three colors, White, Brown and Orange.

Three colors


Paint it by sections

You do this painting technique in sections. Don't do it on the whole blade at once. Do it in sections about eight inches in length.

1. Paint a thick layer of white paint on the section.






Add a little brown

While that white paint is still wet add in just a little bit of brown and spread it around in a rough manner. Don't make it even, let it be spotty and uneven.








Add some orange

Then add in a little bit of orange, making it also spotty and uneven.









Finish with white

Then finish the section off with a little bit more white. And that's it. You can experiment with this process to get a nice look.

Do all of the blade this way.







Another method for painting the bone blade

Use tea

You can also use tea to color the blade. Here you can see a test run we did with tea. It looks great. And you can get a nice uneven look with it.








Steep a tea bag

All you do is steep a teabag in hot water. The longer you leave it in there the darker the tea.










And that is it! Your DragonBone Sword is done!

The DragonBone Sword




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