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Make the Elder Scrolls Online War Axe : Part 2



In this part of the tutorial we do some of the detail work to the axe by adding the couplings at various points on the dowel.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Next we are going to add something I call couplings to the axe. There are six of them, shown in the picture. They are pieces of foamboard wrapped around the dowel at points. Five of them actually wrap all the way around the dowel. One of them doesnt. It is kind of a half coupling on this side of the axe and it has a partner half wrapped on the other side of the axe.


locations of the couplings


cut the coupling to size

Measure the width you want the coupling to be.









peel a layer of paper off

Peel the top layer of paper off the coupling.








make cuts side to sideAnd cut a series of lines through it from side to side. Make a lot of them. You cut through the foam but not through the layer of paper underneath.

These cuts allow it to curve smoothly without bending.








curve and glue the coupling

Then you curve it in place and glue it.









The end coupling over hangs

The coupling at the end actually sticks out further than the dowel. This is so you can later glue the point into it. So glue it to the dowel as shown. The red line shows where the dowel ends.






Here is a nice picture so you can see four of the couplings.

Four couplings


NextOk, just a little bit more. Let's finish this axe off!



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