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Make the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) War axe part 3


In this part of the tutorial we finish making the axe. There are just a couple of things to do including making the point and the pommel. Then painting it.



The point

Carve a piece of foam about ten inches long and glue it into the coupling at the end of the dowel. I use foamular which is a home insulating foam. You can use anything. I don't recommend you use wood for safety reasons.


The pommel

And carve some kind of a pommel and glue it to the bottom end of the dowel. Nice thing about this picture is it also shows you a closeup of the two remaining couplings.


Let's Paint it!

Mask the foam

This will depend on the type of paint you use. I am spray painting the whole thing a blackish gray. And some kinds of spray paints will actually eat away at the foam like acid. It will totally melt the foam. So, if you are using spray paint you should mask off the pommel and point with tape. This will protect those pieces. Always good to test you paint ahead of time on a scrap piece of foam.

This picture shows the pommel masked off with masking tape.


Spray paint it

I am using a Rustoleum textured paint. It has a nice look and feel to it.

Rust-Oleum 223525 Multi-Color Textured Spray, Aged Iron, 12-Ounce




Then you black paint all the couplings, the point, the pommel and the small unit that is shaped like a house (the small flange).


Black painting


Paint the handle brown

And paint the handle brown.


Silver Highlighting

Now you finish it off with some silver highlights on the various edges of the axehead and the axe pick. The red lines show you the various edges to paint silver.


And That's It! Your axe is done! You are ready to battle, but not dragons.

The axe is done

To fight dragons you might want to make a man sized one!

Man Sized!



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