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Make the Elven Bow from Skyrim - Part 2


Ok! We have done the preparation work. Now lets build the actual bow.

Part 1 of this tutorial (and the video) is here.



glue the bow pieces together

The assembly of the bow is quite easy. The bow pieces are alternated with the handle overlapping. Glue them together.





This next picture gives you a good look at it. You alternate the four pieces. One right, one left, one right then the final one left. The handle sections overlap. Glue them all together.

Glue the bow pieces together


Next glue the four wings on. Two go on the top. (Arrows point this out) and two go underneath.

Glue the wings on



Emboss the wing patternsNow, use the back end of a paintbrush or some other type of blunt rounded object and draw wing patterns in the four wing segments. Press down firmly so you get a nice emboss of the wing patterns. Also put some feathers and eyes on the bird heads.







Paint it goldOkay, let's paint it. I started out with a nice layer of gold paint. I used spray paint. If you use spray paint be careful. Some types will actually melt the foam layer inside the foamboard. So test it first. You can get around this by painting all the exposed edges of foam with white glue or mod podge. This seals it all.

Notice in this picture how the paint now brings out the embossing you did on the wings.





Add a bit of brown accentThen I did a very light and sparse coat of brown paint. This adds a little bit of aging to it. Makes a difference. Go very lightly.









Let's continue with the tutorial and finish this bow!



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