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Make the Elven Bow from Skyrim - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the bow by painting the details, adding the string, and making the arrow.

Part 1 of this tutorial with the video is here



detail paint the wings

Use a marker or a pencil and accentuate the embossed wings. This is optional.


Detail the bows

Now use a marker to add a few details to the length of the bow. You can see how I did this by looking at the picture that comes with the template. It adds a little bit of structural depth to the bow.


crosshatch the handle

Now we do the handle. I started with a brown marker and made this pattern in it. Looks pretty good. Notice how a lot of the lines are actually crescent shaped. This gives it a more rounded feel. You can also emboss this first before you do the marker.


Highlight paint the handle

Now to finish the handle we do a little bit of highlighting. In one corner of each diamond I put a dab of white paint. And in the opposite corner of each diamond I used a pencil to add a dark patch.


Add the bow string

Now add the string by putting a hole in each end of the bow like you see here. String it up, pull it taut and knot it.


Make the arrow parts

Now let's make the arrow. I give you the arrow head and the feather piece in the template. You can trace these onto foamboard and cut them out.


Glue the arrow parts together

Then glue them onto your dowel. I used a thirty six inch long dowel that is a quarter inch wide. Paint it all gold once the glue dries.


That's it! Your elven bow is done! Send me a picture!

The Elven Bow




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