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Make the Glass Dagger from Skyrim: Part 3 Casting the glass dagger


Ok, in this part of the tutorial we actually make the glass part of the dagger with an epoxy resin.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here. There is also a video on that page.


Part 3: Casting the Glass (resin) Dagger

Up until now it has all been preliminary work and we still don't have any part of our dagger. Finally we actually make the glass part of the dagger! Yay!


Mold release

Ok, brush a layer of mold release onto both halves of our mold.


Assemble the mold

Put the two halves of the mold together. The location holes we made makes this very easy. Then put that mold between two pieces of wood or other very firm material. This is to keep it very straight. Put some rubber bands on it to hold it together firmly.



Now we are going to be mixing up our easy cast resin. Its a plastic like material. You mix two halves together and they set into a clear plastic. Our dagger is green so you will need a green dye or green food coloring.


Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy Enamel Resin 16 oz


Mix the easy cast

Mix equal parts of the Easy cast and add a drop of green dye. Then check for a rich green color and add more drops of dye if desired.

Pretty amazing how this watery green liquid will shortly be transformed into a dagger!


Pour the easy cast

Stand the mold upright with the hole up. Make a funnel with plastic or paper and then gently and slowly pour the easy cast into the mold. Rap on the table gently at intervals too. You want the easy cast to get into all the nooks and crannies of the mold.


remove it from the mold

Ok! Once that easy cast has dried you can gently take the mold apart and remove that dagger.


The demolded dagger

Wow! That glass dagger looks great. See how there is a thin sheet of easy cast all the way around it? That is called flashing and it is a normal part of mold making. You can just trim all that away with a sharp knife.


Remove the flashing

Trimming away the flashing.


It looks great

It looks terrific!


NextOk! Let's finish this dagger off by making the handle and guard


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