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Make the Glass Sword from Skyim Part 3: Casting the Glass (acrylic)


In this part of the tutorial we actually cast the glass sword. This is the part you have been dying to get to! Finally we do it!!


Part1 of this tutorial is here



We are using a product called Easy Cast. It is a clear casting epoxy and it is very easy to use. You simply mix together equal parts of it and add some food coloring to make it green. Then pour it slowly and gently into mold until the mold is full.


Casting the Easy Cast


The picture above shows two molds! Yes, I actually made another mold with a different kind of material. But I was just doing an experiment. You do need to cast two sword halves but you use the rubber mold we just made twice.

Remove the piece from the mold

Once that plastic has set you can gently remove it from the mold.






Attaching the two halves together

Once you have made that second half you can then attach it right to that first half. Now here is the trick, I removed that second half from the mold while it was still soft and sticky so I could place it right on that first half and it would stick. No need for adhesive. I believe it was right around the 22 hour mark.




This next picture shows the two halves of the sword assembled together. It looks great. But there is excess plastic around the edges in places. That is quite normal. That thin excess plastic is called flashing. It is just mold overflow. You can trim that off with a sharp knife.


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Environmental Technology 32-Ounce Kit Casting' Craft Casting Epoxy, Clear

One box of this is not quite enough for the size sword that I made.






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