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Make Squall's Gunblade from Final Fantasy Part 3: Painting and Finishing

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the gunblade by painting it, sealing it and sanding it.



The rough edges of the stack

Okay, we have a pretty thick stack of foamboard. There is going to be a bit of raggedness amongst the layers. This is qute ok. Let's clean it up.


Trim the edges

Use a knife to clean all the edges up. This includes the gun, the handle, and the blade.


Sand the edges

Sandpaper also works well for cleaning it all up. 100-150 grit is good.


Do detail sanding with an emory board

To sand the tight areas inside the trigger well you can use an emory board or small strips of sandpaper.

Now let's Paint it


Paint it all black

Paint the whole thing black. All of it, blade and handle. This gives us a good base. It is like a priming. And it will make a difference in the final look of the gunblade.


Draw in details

Use a pencil to draw in the details on the gun portion.


Illustration of the details

This picture shows you the details that I put in.


Emboss the detail lines

Then use a blunted pencil to go over all those detail lines. Press down very firmly. You want to make deep grooves in the foam board.


Dry brush the gun silver

Now we use silver paint to do a technique called dry brushing. We do this just on the gun section, not the handle or the blade.

Dry brushing is where you put some silver paint on the brush then dab most of it off on a paper towel. Then lightly brush on the gun. This leaves only a little paint on the gun. Keep at it and keep doing it. It will build up. Keep building it up to the point where you like it.

One of the big things about dry brushing like this is that it will leave your indented detail lines as black. The silver paint doesn't go into those indents.


Do the detail silver painting

Then use a small brush to do detail painting.


Paint the blade

Then paint the whole blade silver. Brush it on nice, smooth and even. This will give it a good metallic look.


Draw the bevel

Let's put the bevel on the blade

Put the template on the sword and using a blunted pencil draw the bevel line, pressing firmly. This will leave a groove indent in the sword.


You can see the bevel line

Remove the template. You can see the indent that you made. This is the bevel line.


Paint the bevel

Add a little bit of white paint to your silver then use that to paint in the bevel. Try to keep the line nice and straight.


Mod podge the gun blade

And once all the paint has dried you can finish it off by painting on a coat of mod podge. This is optional but mod podge is nice. It will seal it, protect it and give the gunblade a nice sheen.


And that's it! Your gunblade is complete. Congratulations.

The gun blade is complete



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