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Make the Immortals Mask - continued


This is part two of the tutorial on how to make the Immortals mask from the movie 300. In this part we do the paper mache and the painting.

Part 1 is right here



Cover it with foil

If you only want one mask you can skip these next steps with the vaseline and aluminum foil completely. But if you want a template say maybe to start a small army of immortals take some foil and brush some craft glue onto one side then carefully place that on your mask and mold it to the features.


Apply thin layer of vaseline

Once all the tape is covered let it sit and dry for about one hour. Then take some vaseline and coat the whole mask including the edges with it. Go very easy with the vaseline , use a little and spread it well. It seems to prevent the paper mache from drying all the way through.


Paper mache it

Now paper mache, but do not go around the edges. Do three layers like this letting them dry between layers. Paper mache is a simple recipe. You mix a cup of water, a cup of flour and a teaspoon of salt in a bowl. Mix it up real well.

The strips are simply strips of newspaper. When laying them down overlap them a lot so it makes a strong bond.


THe paper mache is done

You should be able to pull your mask off without destroying your mold. If you like you can simply paint this and be done. I always like to go a step further so I wlll show you how to add some more details.


Mache the details

By dipping strips of newspaper in paper mache and folding them over or bundling/layering them you can build up different areas of the face such as the eyelids, lips, eyebrows and any other areas of distinguishing features. Just make sure to let everything dry well between layers. You can use a blowdryer to speed up the process of drying.

The more time you take to add the details the better it will look so take your time, build up the brows and the cheekbones. And the better you let it dry between layers the longer it will last.


Check the inside

Once you are done with all the paper mache turn the mask around and make sure the inside is smooth. Add a few layers if needed to hold down loose strands of paper. Then lightly sand the whole thing.


Now paint it all black spray paint or acrylic. Then paint most of it silver, leaving just a little black.

Paint it Black Paint it silver


NextOk, Lets continue with this tutorial and make the hood


300 Immortal's Sword





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