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Make the Immortals Sword - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we do some of the detial work on the handle and the painting of the blade.

You can see part 1 of this tutorial here.




cut the mask

Now we are going to paint the blade of the sword. Cut the template you used. Cut it along the wavy line. Keep the larger section but you can dispose of the smaller section.


Apply mask to blade and paint

That cut out piece is now a mask for painting. Tape it to the sword blade and paint the blade black. Your mask protects the rest of the sword. Just tape it on the ends for easy removal.

This black wavy stuff is where the cutting edge of the blade is.


Move the mask and paint gray

Now lift up that mask and shift it down toward the wavy side about 3/4 inch. Tape it back down. And paint that edge gray.


The colors

So, This is what we have now. See the wavy side is black and the other side is gray?


Paint it all light gray

Now paint the whole blade with a light coat of silver paint. You want to paint it lightly so the black and gray still show through somewhat.


carve the gullies

Now, you can leave the handle as it is. But if you want to make it more realistic and better looking you can cut away all those patterns on the handle. Yup, just cut little gulleys to get rid of all those black lines.


A closer look

Here is a closer look at all those grooves haven been cut. It looks great!


Paint it white

Now paint the handle grooves, liberally paint wet white paint into it all to smooth it out and give it a softer look.

Next Okay! Let's continue on with this tutorial


300 Movie Shield of Sparta Spartan Shield

Defend Greece, or just your livingroom. These 300 Movie Spartan Shields are extremely accurate renditions. These shields served as the short range protection of choice among King Leonidas' Spartan warriors The shield is 12 pounds and intricately detailed to look exactly like the shield in the movie. It is constructed of poly resin and is 25 inches in diameter. The back has a handle and a velcro strap to secure it to your forearm. You will need that strap to hold this up, it's heavy!! Look at the details on this sheild, it's designed to look as if it just came back from battle.


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