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Make the Immortals Sword - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword by adding some details, painting the handle and putting it all together.





the  guard template

Now let's continue to work on the handle by cutting out the two pieces that make up the guard. And glue them to cereal box cardboard.


cut out the template

This picture shows one of the guard pieces has been cut out. And the other will be shortly.


add standoffs

Now, on the backs of these two pieces you should attach four little pieces of cereal box cardboard. Just like you see here. It is two stacks, two deep.

This makes the guard sit nicely spaced around the handle. It gives a good effect, rather than just having it flat on the handle.

Curl the guard

These pieces are going on the handle. You can curl the ends a little bit with a pencil.


Paint it black

Now paint the handle. Get the paint into the patterned cracks.


dry brush with silver

Now, dry brush silver or gray onto the handle patterns. You do this by putting the brush in the paint then wiping a lot of it off, then just lightly brush on the surface of the handle. This applies the color to just the surface. It doesn't get into the cracks, and the black there still shows.

Glue the guards on

Now glue that guard on. The two pieces, They will cover it all the way around just like you see in this picture.


Paint the guard

And paint it black.


Apply glue

Now let's attach the blade into the handle part. Put some glue in that slot.


Attach together

And put the blade right into that handle, seat it all the way in.


add blade guard

For a little detail you can add a piece of cereal box cardboard to the blade just after the handle. And paint it silver.


The finished project


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