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Make the Iron Shield from Skyrim - Part 3


n this part of the tutorial we make the wooden backing board of the shield and add the handle.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here.



trace and cut the big circle

Before you paint anything you should place that foam piece on your foamboard or cardboard and trace the outer edge then cut that circle out . This is the back part of the shield and it will be mounted right underneath the foam part.


Start the handle

Let's make the handle for the shield. Loop up some rope to fit in your hand like this. Be sure there is a loop on each end.

Wrap like a noose


Then take one end and wrap a series of loops all the way down the length of it. It is kind of like a hangmans noose. Leave your loops at each end.


Tape it

Then wrap all those loops with tape. Cut any excess rope off. There, you have a handle.


The handle

There! You have a handle. You can secure it down any way you like, Make it slack so you can fit your fingers under it.



I secured the handle down with with tie wraps. Put some duct tape down on the shield first. This helps with the strength and will make it less prone to tearing out of the foamboard.


Next Ok! Let's Paint this shield!!!



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