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Make the Skyrim Iron Shield - Part 4 (Painting)



In this part of the tutorial we finish off the shield by painting everything and gluing the two halves together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here.



Paint the wood grain

OK! Have some fun painting the wood pattern on the shield. (Not the side with the handle) Keep the brown streaky and vary the brown with different shades. Think about it as being wood grain.


Use pencil

Then with a black pencil you can draw in some wood grain pattern.


Wood grain looks great

The wood grain looks great. Let's move on to the Iron part of the shield.


Start with silver

Ok, The first thing to do is paint it silver. I have two different types of silver. One is much shiner than the other. The shinier silver I am saving to do the dome in the center. So I first painted all the rest of it with my plain silver.


Dapple on black

Now to get a nice metallic look you dapple on a wet black paint. Do this while the silver is still wet if you can. I did these two steps in portions. I painted part of the shield silver then dappled on black. I continued this section by section until the outer ring section was done.


Closeup of dappling

Here is a closeup of the dappling.


silver the center

Ok, I finished off by painting that inner dome with the brighter shade of silver. You can tell the difference. This is of course something that I did . I don't expect you to have two different shades of silver.


That's it! Let's glue the two halves of the shield together.


Glue together

Ok, put a ring of hot glue on the wooden shield then glue the foam section right to it! You can use most glues for this. But test first to make sure the type of glue you are using doesn't melt the foam.


add the bottle caps

The only thing remaining is those eight silver bolts you can see added here. Those are water bottle caps that I painted silver and sanded down. I sanded them down so they wouldn't be so tall.

Holding the shield

That's It! The shield is done! Congratulations!


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