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Make the Killmonger Spear!

Excellent little project from the blockbuster movie Black Panther. You don't need a whole lot of supplies to make this. I give you the template so there is no worry about the shape and look of it. And I have a full video tutorial showing you how to make it step-by-step.

The Template for this project is right here


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About this project:

This is an easy project to make. And it looks really good. If you have worked with foam board it will be completed in a jiffy. If you never worked with foam board you will need to take a little bit of time to cut and particularly to bevel the edges.

Tools and Materials:

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Let's Get Started and Make the Spear!

Tutorial is coming! Give Will a bit of time. For now be sure to watch the video. It is a complete tutorial.

Print up the template. It is a very easy one page template.



Trace that whole pattern onto foamboard and cut it out.

You can trace it by taping it down to the foamboard then drawing over the lines with a ball point pen or a blunted pencil. Press firmly when tracing. This will leave indents in the foamboard.


Then you can lift the template and draw out the pattern of indents.


Do this to make the complete part. Then cut the part out.

Now you can discard the template. You should use this cut out part to trace out some more parts.

Trace out the external pattern and the internal pattern to make shapes like this. And make two of each of these.


Then cut them all out.

***Tutorial is coming! Give Will a bit of time. For now be sure to watch the video. It is a complete tutorial.



The Video tutorial is here: