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How to Make the Kirkhammer from Bloodborne - Part 4

In this part of the tutorial we assemble together the sword and the handle of the hammer.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Measure for fit

Place the sword on the handle pieces that you made and check the drawn out lines. Modify these lines as needed to guess that the sword will slide in and out easily.

Note that when you check the second foam handle piece flip the sword over. This is because the sword may not be exactly straight. Flipping it over will insure a correct fit.


Cut the foam

Our stack of five swords is about an inch thick. So, carve out each of those foam handles to about a half inch deep. This picture shows me just starting the carving. you will carve that whole section out of the foam to about a half inch deep.


Dig out the foam

This picture shows you what I mean by carving it a half inch deep. Do this for both handle halves. I used a dremel tool to do this for the picture. But there is an alternative method that I will show you.


The blade

Alternatively, and this is what I did. You can trace the sword pattern onto a one inch thick piece of foam. Then cut that shape out so the sword fits right into it.


Fit the blade

Now you can fit that sword into the one inch foam slice and put that between the two handle pieces.


Fit the pieces together

Like this. See how the sword is right inside that stack of three. Perfect.

Glue that stack together. Insuring as you do it that the sword will slide in and out freely.


Glue together

Now you can glue that handle assembly right into the hammer head. And notice something in the picture. Right where the caulking gun is applying the glue. I have shaved off a half inch on the handle. This is to compensate for the one inch layer that we added. I shaved a half inch off each side of the handle.


Insert the handle

Insert the handle into the hammer head.


The handle is installed

Ok! It looks good.


Nextlet's continue and do the detail work.



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