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Make the Lambent Light - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we make the guard for the sword. This is the interesting curved part that protects your hand.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



TEmplate for guard

Now let's make the guard. Trace this template part onto foam board and cut the piece out.





Cut in half

And just as we did with the ornaments cut this right down the middle too. This thins it so it can be easily shaped into a circle.






Smooth with sand paper

Take the better of the two halves and smooth the foam side down with sand paper. The more even you can get it the better and smoother the curve will be.






Match ends

Take your time with this part so it doesn't form creases. Slowly work it into the shape of a circle and tape the ends together.






And glue it to the sword.

Glue to sword   GLue guard on


The details

Now make the guard ornament piece following the process we did for the guard. Trace it onto foam board, cut it out, then cut it in half down the center so it is not so thick. And sand the foam smooth so it is nice and even.




Glue on details

And glue it onto the guard.


Next Okay! We are done building it. Do any finish work that you think it needs. for example you can trim things a bit with a knife or do a little sanding.

Then continue and let's paint it



Swordmaking: It's all about the steel

You have probably heard the term "high carbon steel". Are interested in knowing exactly what it means? And seeing as there is high carbon steel there is of course a low carbon steel. There is even one right between the two. In this tutorial I explain to you what that all means and how it affects sword making. And of course I have a video too. Swordmaking: It's all about the steel