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Make the Mace of Molag Bal - continued


In this part of the tutorial we continue making the mace by gluing it all together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here




Glue the main pieces to the dowel

Okay glue the three main pieces onto your wooden dowel. . And if you don't have a dowel that is ok. You can just glue them together. You want the three of them to be evenly spaced around the dowel. Picture the fins of a model rocket.


Gluing the third piece

Go ahead and glue the other vanes on.


A look at how they are glued

When glued it should look a lot like this. This end view shows you how those vanes are evenly spaced.


Okay! Let's add the various small parts to this mace.

Adding more pieces

I am going to show you how to do one complete set of added stuff to the mace. You just do this whole procedure three times.

Start by putting this big vane right in the center of the mace between two vanes.


Adding more pieces

Add two more vanes just like this. One on each side of the piece you previously placed.


Add the horns and skull

Next add the two horns and the skull base just like this.


Add the handle


Next glue the handle piece on just like this.


Trim the handle

Optionally, you can trim the sides of the handle piece like this. It will sit better on the mace.


So, This process we just did of adding all the various pieces completes one side of the mace. You can go ahead and do this process two more times to finish off the mace.

NextOk, Let's paint it and finish it


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