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Make the Mirkwood Double Bladed Polearm - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we put the polearm together.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Glue one of the foamboard pieces to the cardboard piece like this. Notice that the cardboard piece is a little larger. This is exactly what we want. Glue it so there is an even amount of cardboard extra around the edge.


Glue onto the cardboard

Now flip it over and glue another piece of foamboard onto the cardboard. You end up with a sandwich. The cardboard is the meat in the middle and the foamboard is the slices of bread!

One blade is made

You have now made one of the blades for the polearm. Repeat this process and make a second blade.


Trim the end

Now trim the end of each of those blade assemblies to be about the same width as your pole.


Paint the pole black

Paint your pole black.


The edge of the blade

Now we are going to put an edge on the blades of the polearm. This is totally optional but a neat little technique if you want to give it a try.


Add hot glue

Do this process in sections about 8-10 inches at a time so the glue stays hot and you can work it. First put hot glue in the gap between the cardboard and foamboard.


Wipe it to form a clean edge

Then use a square of cereal box cardboard to swipe along it, cleaning and shaping it as if it is the beveled angled edge of the blade.

Continue doing this in 8-10 inch sections until the whole blade edge is done all the way around.


Detail of the how the edge looks

This closeup shows you what you are doing with the hot glue. Making a nice angled bevel as if it were the sharp edge of a blade.


Paint it black

Once the edges are done you can go ahead and paint those blades black.


Glue blades onto pole

Now glue a blade to each end of the pole.

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