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Make the Monster Hunter Ravager Blade - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we start the actual building of this sword.

Part 1 of the tutorial is here



We start with a single piece of foamular. It is eight feet in length, twenty four inches wide and two inches thick.


Draw it out

I drew out the pattern of the major part of the sword right on the foam. I did this in pencil so I could re-draw lines and keep adjusting it until I got it to look right.


The pattern

Once I had the right lines I drew over them with a sharpie.


Cut out hte pattern

Next I cut it out with a hot wire foam cutter.


Add the teeth

Once the main body of the sword is cut and shaped nicely we move on to the larger details. I cut the teeth that run along the bottom of the blade. There are five of them.

This falls right in line with the theme of making and adding parts from largest to smallest in order.


USe a dowel for strength

We are going to glue these teeth to the sword but we want them to be really strong so I cut dowels to about six inches and sharpened both ends. Insert it halfway into the tooth.


Install teeth

Then insert it into the sword.


Use Liquid Nails

And secure it in place with liquid nails.

NextOk, let's add the handle



Hot wire foam cutter

Hot Wire Foam Cutter

This is the exact tool that I use in this tutorial.





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