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How to Make the Nightingale Blade from Skyrim - Part 4

In this part of the tutorial we do the ornamental work and the painting on the handle and the pommel.


Cut out the details

We are going to ornament and paint the handle pieces first. start by cutting all the lines you drew. Just cutting the top layer of paper and some of the foam.








Run a toothpick

Then run a toothpick through all those cuts you made. This opens up the cuts.








Open up the lines with a pencil

Then open up all those cuts further by running a blunted pencil through them.








The design looks good

Looks good!









Apply pommel design

Do this same process on the two pommel pieces.

Trace the template onto them, cut, toothpick then pencil.








Optons for painting

Let's paint these pieces. You have a couple of options. I will point them out.

Paint the handle pieces black.








The handle is painted

Then paint the lines silver like this. The silver goes inside the lines you cut and a little bit outside the lines too.








Use a sharpie to paint in the linesPaint the pommel silver then do the detail work in black.

Alternate color scheme: You can reverse the colors. Paint the handle silver with black lines and paint the pommel black with silver lines.







Cut out space between lines

Next cut out the space between the wings of the nightingale.






Cut out the emblem

Then cut out the emblem.

Next Lets put it all together!









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