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How to Make the Nightingale Blade from Skyrim - Part 5

In this part of the tutorial we put the pieces together and finish off the sword.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Glue the handle on

Place the handle on the blade right in the proper position as if you were going to glue it on. But don't glue it on.







Trim the wings

Then cut the wings of the nightingale right at the edges of the sword.









Apply glue

Now you have them both cut you can apply glue to the side of the sword and attach the handle to the sword, gluing the wings right to the edges of the blade.







Glue wings to side

Glue those wings to the edges of the sword.









Glue the rest of the handle down

Glue the rest of the handle down. And glue down that medallion.






GLue on pommel

Glue the two halves of the pommel together then glue that pommel right onto the end of the sword.









Finish the detail painting

Now finish off the sword with some detail painting. Red is a good choice and add it by dry brushing.








And that's it! Your Nightingale Blade is done.

The nightingale blade is done


Dragonbone dagger


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