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Make the Phantom Blade - part 2



Part 1 of this tutorial with video is here


Now let's put together the base of it. Glue pieces 11,12, 13 and 14 to 10 as shown. Take note of how the slots go in 13 and 14. Once done you can set this assembly aside for a few minutes. We will use it later.

Assembly drawing

Now Let's make the rubber band propulsion system. There are two parts of this. One part powers the bow and the second part powers the projectile that shoots.

the rubber band

Push a rubber band down through one set of holes in the assembly. Don't cut the rubber band, leave it whole.

If you have trouble with this part you can always Watch the video

See that little loop on the bottom? Put a barbecue skewer through that. Or a paintbrush.


Assembly 7

Now push the other end of that rubber band through the other set of holes in part 4 and hook that at the bottom. Capture that hoop with your barbecue skewer. Next cut a rubber and and slide it under the skewer. Trim the skewer. The bottom should look like this.



Remember: If you do not have barbecue skewers you can use something else that is thin and strong. Paintbrushes work and maybe even some kind of wire.



Assembly 8

Tie that rubber band in a knot and put some glue on it to hold it tight. Trim any excess but leave the long piece on. We are going to need that.


Tie the other end of that rubber band to our carriage assembly like this. There is a slot in part 6 for it. Tie it in a knot, trim the excess and put some glue on it to hold it tight. How long this rubber band is makes a difference so , test it first before knotting and gluing it.



Now you can stretch that carriage to the end and slide it right onto the slot. Test it. You should be able to pull it and release it. It should snap forward crisply. Adjust the rubber band as needed.


Now that whole assembly right on top of the 10,11, 12, 13, 14 assembly you made earlier.


Okay! Let's continue with the tutorial and put the crossbow arms on


McFarlane Toys Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Hidden Blade & Gauntlet with Skull Buckle

The Hidden Blade Gauntlet features a spring-loaded, retractable blade, with switchblade-style action, just as seen in the Assassin's Creed video game series! The Blade section attaches to bottom of forearm with Velcro straps; Gauntlet attaches to top of forearm with strap and buckle.





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