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Make the Phantom Blade - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the Phantom Blade!

Part 1 of this tutorial with video is here



Cut a slot

Now let's mount the crossbow arms. Cut a slot down the middle of those arms. Wide enough to comfortably fit your skewers.


Test the arm for fit

Now, don't rush to glue these arms onto the skewers. Place one on and test it for range of motion. Make sure it can be locked by the horseshoe. Adjust it as needed. And... I have a second set of arms in the template. They are thinner so if you have a lot of trouble with this you can try switching to the thinner arms.

Once you get each one in right glue it!


Looks good. Both those crossbow arms are locked and loaded.

Crossbow arms are loaded



Add the string

The final assembly step is to add the string for the crossbow arms. Feed your 20 inch string through the hole in the carriage. Feed it so it is in the middle of the string. Tie it in a knot and put some glue on it. It is important to knot and glue it. Otherwise the arms might not move evenly. They would pull one way or the other depending on whether one side is wound tighter than the other.


Tie the string

For each side run the string out to the end of the crossbow arm and tie it. But test it before tying it. You test it by sliding the carriage back and forth. You want some actual swinging action with those arms. Once you get some good action you can tie the knots and put a dab of glue to hold them in place.


Make a gauntlet

I made the gauntlet with a piece of vinyl. It is 7x11 inches. And I put strips of velcro on it so it will hold on my wrist and so the Phantom Blade can attach to it.


The Only thing remaining is to paint it! Have fun with this and paint it any way you like. Here is how I painted it.

Paint it

There you go! You have made the Phantom Blade. Have fun with it!

The completed phantom blade


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