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How to Make the RingWraith Sword - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we create the creases in the sword to make it look very realistic and to make it stronger.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here.




The shape of the blade

What we will be doing here is making the sword blade into this kind of shape. This makes it look realistic and give it a whole lot of strength.


Cut the center line

Draw a line going right down the center of those four sword pieces. Only on the blade sections. Not the handle sections. Then cut through that line with a sharp knife.

But, you only cut through the top layer of paper and some of the foam. Do not cut all the way through everything.


Cut the notch

Then cut a line both to the left and right of that first line you cut. These two lines are cut at a 45 degree angle. In effect what you are doing is cutting a long notch right out of the center of the sword blades.


The center notch

This is what you end up with.


The piece is folded

So now it can be folded like this to form the shape of the sword. The only thing remaining is to trim down the ends at the red dotted lines. This is so the two sword halves will sit flat against each other.


The Notches

This picture shows you the whole process really well. At "A" the center notch has been cut. At "B" the edge has been cut and I am in the process of cutting away the edge at "C".


Glue them together

Once you have done all the notching and cutting you can bend those pieces to a bit of an angle and glue them all together. There are four in total that make up this assembly.


Gluing it together

Gluing the sword blade pieces together.


Notch the handle

Now we do a similar process with the handle pieces. There are two of these. Just in the end section where the triangle point is you do this. Cut a slot down the middle, just cutting through the top layer of paper and some of the foam. Then make your two angle cuts to form the notch.


Then you can crease those two pieces just like you did with the blade pieces. The red line shows where the crease is.


Then go ahead and glue those pieces on. One on top as seen in the picture and one underneath.


NextOk! The hard part is done. Let's continue working on the sword by doing the handle and pommel



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