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Make the Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne -
Part 5: Painting and wrapping it


In this part of the tutorial we Paint the Saw Cleaver.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Let's Paint it!

Silver paint is all we need at this point. Lets dry brush on the silver. Follow this pattern like this with bands of silver at the teeth and at the opposite edge of the blade leaving most of the center strip black.

We are dry brushing it. How you do that is to get silver paint on your brush then dab most of it off on a scrap of paper. Then dabbing it onto the blade only puts a little bit at a time.


Dry brushing on silver


There you go. the silver is just about done.

Teh silver is done


Dry brush the handle

And do a similar dry brushing technique on the circular hinge section. No need to paint the rest of the handle.


Do detail work on the edges and teeth

Now do some detail work by painting the edges of the teeth a nice deep silver color. This isn't dry brushing. Just paint the silver right on.


Add string

Once the paint has dried we can wrap the weapon. This makes all the difference and is a great detail to do on your cleaver. You can wrap it with twine or string like you see here. And wrap both the handle and the blade. But do them separately because you don't want the wrapping to interfere with the hinging action.

Or you can wrap the cleaver in cloth.

NextContinue on with the tutorial and I will show you how to wrap it with cloth



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