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Make the Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne Part 6: Wrapping it


In this part of the tutorial I show you how to wrap the Saw Cleaver in cloth. You will need some white cloth or an old t-shirt for this project.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Layout an old white tshirt flat. And cut it like this. Each strip is around 2 inches wide. And you cut from one side of the tshirt but you dont cut all the way to the other side. Cut just as the red lines show.

Cut into strips


Okay! The strips look good!

The strips

Lay it out like this so you can see that center section that didn't get cut. And we are now going to cut those strips like you see in the picture. Diagonally across them. Always cut from one to the next one over as the red lines show. This gives you a continuous strip of cloth. Very nice!!

Cut diagonally


Wrap the cloth around the handle

And now you can wrap the handle with it. Make it random, glue it at intervals and have some of it opened and wide and some of it pulled taut and thin. And criss cross some of it.


Leave some frayed ends

And leave some frayed ends on it. These will give it a nice medieval look.


Wrap the cleaver

And go ahead and wrap the cleaver too.


Snip some frays


Once it is wrapped you can snip some frays in it. This will give it a more used and medieval look.


NextOk! Let's finish this weapon by doing the final detail painting


Make Elucidator from Sword Art Online


This is an easy foam board project from the very popular Sword Art Online. I give you the template. Make Elucidator


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