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Make the Skeleton Key from Skyrim - Part 2


This is part 2 of the tutorial on how to make the skeleton key. In this part we finish building it.

Part 1 is here



Glue Together

  Glue the two pieces together with your hot glue gun and put them aside.


The Lid

  Now grab the plastic lid or small plastic container. It has to be round because this is what you're going to use to make the ring around the key. We used the very bottom of a KFC bowl for this portion.


Cut to shape

Cut the bottom of your plastic container off using whatever works better, scissors or x-acto knife. Imagine there's a perfect X on the container, and try to leave a spike of plastic sticking up from the four points of that X. See picture for more details.


Tape it

•  Cover the plastic container in masking tape, making sure to reinforce the plastic spikes.


Size it

Grab your ball and cone. Grab your foam board key piece. Ideally, the key piece should be able to slide into the tip of the cone. If it cannot, cut pieces off of the cone until the opening is wide enough for the foam to slide in. Remove these two pieces and set the key piece aside.


Check for fit

Place the base of the cone (now that you've adjusted its width) in the center of the plastic container. Using your pencil trace around it, leaving a circle in the middle of the plastic container. Cut this out with your x-acto knife.


It fits


•  Now, this plastic ring should slide around the cone with ease. Make sure that it does. See picture for detail.

All you need for this step is the plastic ring. As you can see in the image, you're going to draw an arch on the base of the plastic ring from one spike to the other. In the end, you should have something that looks exactly like the picture Below. Cut out those semi-circle shapes with your x-acto blade.

Mark the arches    Cut the arches


  Next  Now it's time to paint!




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