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Make the Smaug Catapult Part 3


Ok! Thanks for coming this far in the tutorial. I am working on this but taking a break to watch some football. Check back in a few hours.




Now let's make the yoke assembly. This is the part that connects the catapult to the mount.

Glue together parts fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen.


Next glue parts nineteen and twenty onto that stack. Just like this. One on each side. And these pieces are not symmetrical so make sure you miror them correctly. The dashed lines help you line them up.


Now glue that assembly to the base. Just like this. See how it is at a little bit of an angle.


Here is about how you should get it. Put plenty of glue on it and it is not just glued with nineteen and twenty. That stack of four smaller pieces (15,16,17,18) is also glued right down to the mount.


Now let's make the actual catapult part of it. We are going to call this the carriage assembly. Glue together parts twenty one and twenty two. One right on top of the other one.


Now glue twenty three and twenty four to that stack. In this picture 23 is in place and glued. I am sliding part 24 into place. The bottom of all of these should be flush. And the slots in 23/24 should be open with no interference.


Next glue part 25 right onto the top of it all.


Now glue parts twenty six and twenty seven together.


And glue that assembly onto the end of the carriage assembly.


Line all the holes up evenly.

Next Okay, Let's continue with the assembly



The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (plus bonus features!)


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