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Make the Smaug Catapult Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we make the trigger assembly and add it to the crossbow carriage. We also start making the bow assembly.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Cut two popsicle sticks to three inches in length.


And glue those two pieces together one right on top of the other.


Put the popsicle stick assembly into the slot of the catapult, center it and then glue 28 and 29 onto it. One on each side of the catapult carriage.

Glue them so it is all nice and firm with no sloppiness. But that popsicle stick assembly should slide smoothly back and forth in the carriage slot.


Here is what it looks like. And in this picture I am testing it to insure it slides freely and smoothly throughout the entire length of the slot.


Now we are going to glue together thirty and thirty one. These parts are slotted and they are different. Thirty one will go right down and into part thirty.


Ok, thirty and thirty one are glued together and they look great. Notice how the bottoms are nice and flush.

NextLet's finish this catapult!


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