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Make the Crossguard Lightsaber - Part 3 : Painting the handle

In this part of the tutorial we paint the handle of the light saber and do the detail work on it.

Here is where I show you the technique of dry brushing to make it look like metal.

Part1 of this tutorial is here


Paint the creases

Use a small brush and paint black into those gulleys. You don't want any of the white foam to show through.





Paint it black

Now paint the handle a thick coat of black paint. It doesn't have to be smooth. If there are lots of brush lines and brush marks that is even better. You will see why in the next step.






Now let's use a technique called dry-brushing to make the handle look like metal.


Dry brushing

Get a small amount of silver paint on a soft bristled brush.








Dab off paint

Now dab and wipe most of the paint off that brush. Get it mostly off. This is why it is called dry-brushing. You are drying off the brush so it isn't very wet and only has a little bit of paint on it.







Dry brushingNow very lightly brush over the handle of the lightsaber. Do this in quick motions just lightly touching the handle. This will leave small amounts of paint. Any any high points in the black paint, such as brush strokes will also pick up small amounts of paint.

Keep doing this. It will take a lot of strokes. And you can repeat the process of getting paint on the brush then dabbing most of it off.

If you want to see dry-brushing in action you can watch the tutorial video on my youtube channel here.



Once you have the handle looking the way you want you can go ahead and do some detail work. Have fun with this part of it!

Paint etails  Paint details


Nextcontinue with the tutorial and finish the lightsaber by painting the blade


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