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Make the Crossguard Lightsaber - Part 4: painting the blade

In this part of the tutorial I show you how to paint the blade.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Painting the blade

The three colors

We are going to use three colors on the blade: Yellow, Orange and Red. And you can use regular brush on acrylic paints or you can use spray paints. The spray paints do a nicer job so if you have them use them!

If you are using spray paints then you should mask off the handle so it doesn't get sprayed on. Use masking tape or painters tape. You can see in the picture that I have masked off the handle with blue painters tape.


Start the painting

Start by spraying on a light coat of each color, red, orange and yellow. Keep the spray can about a foot away from the sword blade.

This is just a light coating.





Continue painting

Next do another set of sprays with each color. This time you keep the can of spray paint just 3-4 inches away from the sword blade. This will make a more defined line. Spray this line of paint right up the length of the sword and do it with all three colors.





And that's it! The Painting is done.

The blade colors look great


If you have a sealant you should seal it. It will protect it, preserve the colors and add shine.

Apply a salant  Painting on a sealant


The crossguard light saber is done


How to Make a PVC sword

PVC sword

PVC is wonderful for making swords and weapons. It is cheap, strong and readily available. And you can even heat it up and shape it. Check out the tutorial here: How to Make a PVC Sword





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