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Make the White Walker Spear Part 3

In this part we wrap the handle and finish the sword by adding the ornamental work.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Wrap cord arouind the handle

Now let's wrap the complete handle of the spear. I do this with a white cord. But if you don't have white you can always use another color then paint it.


Glue the cord in place

As you are wrapping it you should apply glue at intervals to keep it tight and prevent it from unwrapping with use.


Trim the cord

Finish the wrapping at the other end of the spear by cutting it and gluing it.


Cut several pieces of wire

Now lets make the ornamental work at the base of the spear tip. Cut about twenty strips of the wire. The strips are about 18 inches long.


Wrap the pieces around the spear

Wrap those lengths of wire around the base of the spear tip and knot them. Put them on in a random pattern.


Shaspe the pieces

Once you have them all in place you should bend them down and shape them nicely. And that's it! Your white walker spear is complete.



The white walker spear is complete



Make Longclaw from Game of Thrones


This is a fun project that can be made in no time at all. Three layers of foamboard to make it strong. You are ready to battle in the Game of Thrones with this sword. I give you the template which makes it so much easier to build. Make Longclaw



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