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Make the Wonder Woman Sword - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we assemble the sword.



Glue the handle parts

Start by gluing together the two identical internal handle pieces. They are the pieces with the dragons spine on them, not the dragon's head. And these can orient incorrectly. IF they don't line up well try flipping one over and checking it again.


Glue the blade halves

Next glue the two blade pieces together, one right on top of the other. And just like we did with the internal handle check them first for good alignment. Flip one over if they don't line up well.


Glue it all together

Next we are going to glue that blade assembly right into the internal handle assembly we made. But before gluing it you should check it. See if it fits and trim the blade as neeed until it fits snugly into the handle assembly.


Add extra glue

Then glue the blade into the handle piece. Separate the blades from the handle, apply glue then insert. And then as you see in the picture add more glue into the cracks. We separate, add glue then insert so it will be nice and strong.


Glue on the outer handles

Next glue on the outer handle pieces. One on this side of the sword and one the other side. These parts are also not quite symmetrical. There is a wrong way and a right way so if it doesn't match the handle well flip it over and try it again. Be sure you have it right before you glue it.


Trim the edges

When you glue together several stacks like we have done there are going to be some mismatches and some rough edges. Go over the edges of a sword with a hobby knife and clean things up.


Sand the edges

And finish it off by sanding all the edges. This is optional but if you can get some sandpaper do this. It will look better. You don't sand the flat surfaces of the sword. Just the edges all the way around like you see in the picture.


The medallion

Now cut yourself a circle of foamboard about the size of a quarter. I used a quarter for mine. And I might have put this item in the template for you. I can't remember. if it is in the template then use that. If not then trace a quarter.


Cut medallion in half

Cut it in half right down the edge of it. So you end up with two halves.


Glue on medallion halves

The glue those halves on the sword like this. One on this side of the sword. Flip the sword over and glue the other half on the other side.

NextOkay! We have build the sword. Let's paint it and add the details




New: Make Excalibur from the new King Arthur Movie

This is a fun little project and the sword comes out great. Easy to do and you just need a few materials including two sheets of foamboard and a couple of black shoelaces. And, as always, I give you the template. Make Excalibur from King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword.