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Make the Wonder Woman Sword Part 3 Painting and adding details

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword by painting it and adding the various details.



Paint the sword black

Paint the whole sword black; everything including the handle. I used regular acrylic paint for this. Doing this sets a great base and acts as a primer. It will also help your colors pop a little better.


Paint the blade Silver

Then paint the blade silver. If you don't have silver you can use a light grey. That's pretty good.

And.... I typically use an acrylic silver paint which is ok. But for the case of this sword I used Speedball fabric paint. It's the kind of paint used for screen printing. I love it. The silver pops much better than normal acrylics.


Speedball silver

Speedball Silver Acrylic Screen Print Ink (this is the exact speedball ink I bought for this tutorial)


Paint the handle gold

Then paint the rest of the sword gold. I used speedball for this too. .

Speedball gold

Speedball Gold - This is the exact gold that I bought

Okay! The Paint Looks good!

The paint is done


Place blade template

Next lets add some of the details. (Once the paint has dried)

Lay the template on the sword of the blade like you see in the picture above. There are four lines drawn on the template. We want to transfer those four lines to the sword blade.


We transfer the lines by pressing down on them with a blunted pencil. This will dent the foamboard. Use a straight edge and a pencil to go over those four lines, pressing firmly.

Trace template lines


An indent

This technique of pressing down and drawing over the lines with a blunted pencil causes a nice indent in the foamboard.


Draw runes

Once you have drawn those indents you can go over them, on the sword, with a pencil to darken and deepen them.

Then have some fun drawing a series of runes right along the center line of the sword. When drawing the runes press down firmly with your blunted pencil. It will give them some depth.


Ok! the blade is done and it looks good. Let's finish the sword.

Blade is done



Add the handle band

Next in the template is something called the handle wrap. Trace that onto foamboard, cut it out then cut it in half like you did for the medallion. Then glue it onto the sword handle like this.


Next use your blunted pencil to add details the sword handle like this. Make it look like there is a thin leather wrap going around it.

Add handle details


Then use a black marker to add the handle pattern.

More handle details


And do the final details to the dragons and the medallion.

Finish handle details


Then finish the sword by painting the handle band gold. And notice I didn't use black paint first. This gives us a brighter gold color.

Paint handle band


There you go! Your Wonder Woman sword is complete!


The completed sword '




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