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Make the Sword of Thranduil - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we cut out the sword and put it together.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



In this picture I just drew all the way around the template to make the sword shape. Do this three times. One of these will be ok as it is. the other two we need to add the scroll and detail work to.


For two of the swords traced onto foamboard you also need to trace the scrollwork and pattern onto the foamboard. Do this by taping down the template in a few spots then drawing over all the scroll work and design lines on the sword. Do this with a pencil and press down firmly.

This causes indents in the foamboard that you will be able to see.




Now when you lift the template you can see those indents in the foamboard. And you can draw all those lines out with a pencil or pen. So go ahead and do that for two of the sword lengths.






Once all the detail scroll work has been transferred to two of the swords you can go ahead and cut out all three of them. And on one of them cut out the eight holes in the blade like you see here.


Ok! the three sword lengths are cut out. One of them is a blank with no detail work on it. That will be the center of the sandwich of three. The other two have all the detail work drawn on them. And on one of those you have cut out the eight holes in the blade.


Go ahead and hot glue or glue those three pieces together.



Now use a hobby knife to cut through those eight holes so they go all the way through the whole stack. Then use some sand paper to smooth everything out on the whole sword.

Ok, the sword is made!





NextContinue with the tutorial - Let's Paint it




United Cutlery UC3014 'The Hobbit' Staff of Thranduil

Father to Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil is a powerful Elf-Lord and a legendary fighter. King of the Woodland Realm, he rules over the northern lands of the great forest known as Mirkwood. The staff of the Elven king combines nature with Elven artistry. As a royal symbol of Thranduil's rule and authority over the Woodland Realm, the twisted oak shaft is crowned with an amber handle surrounded by flowing metal vine and lattice work. This replica is crafted from polyresin and presented with a poly stone wall mount featuring a graphic motif of Thranduil, and includes a certificate of authenticity.



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