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Make Wolverine Claws - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we make the straps so we can attach the claws to our forearm.


Part 1 of this tutorial (with video) is right here



Cut yourself two strips of vinyl, leather or cloth. They are about 1 inch wide and 24 inches long.







Glue those straps to the top of the box like this. One of the straps should be very close to the end where the claws come out. The other strap is simply somewhere near the other end of the box.







I then added a piece of velcro to the top of each. Put the mating half of the velcro onto the far end of each strap. This way you can wrap it around your arm and attach it.







Ok! Go ahead and paint it any way you like. I painted the box brown and then added a kind of X-men symbol on top with wolverine like slashes.

And this picture also gives you a good look at the strap and how there is velcro on each end of it.







This picture shows you how to wrap the straps around your forearm. Notice that front strap is in the palm of my hand. That's why we put that strap to the very front end of the box.

The wolverine claws





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