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Make the Sword Zar'roc from Eragon: part 3


In this part of the tutorial I show you how to make the cast plastic egg jewel for the pommel of the sword.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial including video Is here


Method 1: Casting a jewel egg with Easy Cast


This is an easy way to make a great looking jewel for the sword. You just need a few basic supplies including an egg, some blue food coloring and a two part epoxy resin. We use Easy Cast as the epoxy resin.


Use a pin to pierce a hole in one end of the egg . The thinner end is best. I want to say the point of the egg and that's rather hilarious because I can't picture an egg having a point on it. But you know what I mean.

Gently break that hole open to about a quarter inch. It is ok if the egg cracks a little bit.


Stick the pin in there and break up the yolk of the egg. Then use the pin or another tool to help pour everything out of it.

Wash the egg out under a stream of water in the sink.


Then use a few cotton swabs to dry out the inside of the egg.


Environmental Technology 8-Ounce Kit Casting' Craft Casting Epoxy, Clear


Mix up equal parts of easy cast and stir it so it is homogenous. Then add 1 drop of blue food coloring and stir it again.


And pour it slowly and in a thin stream into the egg.


Once it hardens you can go ahead and peel the shell right off that egg.

I waited about eight hours. Your time may vary. The Easy Cast comes with guidelines for how long to wait.


Go ahead and fit it into the pommel like this. Way too big right? Yup! So, trim down the insides of those holes until it fits nicely.


Once you have it all trimmed and looking good go right ahead and glue that egg into the pomme. Then you can paint the pommel silver.


NextOkay, the resin pommel is done. You have finished with your sword. If you don't want to do it this way you can use the template and make yourself the paper jewel. Continue with that right here

Eragon's Guide to Alagaesia (The Inheritance Cycle)


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